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Alpari Mobile: financial analyst all in your iPhone

The company announced the Alpari mobile Alpari Mobile app for iOS which contains all the latest information about world financial markets, quotes, stocks and exchange rates.

In the “Analytics” section you can find current reviews from leading experts, divided into categories by topics, for example, “Shopping ideas”, “foreign Exchange market”, etc. In data news, the experts talk about exchange rates and their trends, as in different markets, statistics, and other phenomena of the industry.

Section “Services” includes news of the financial markets with information about the different indices, economic calendar, and various quotes, for example, goods, indices, metals and shares.

Section “exchange rates” displays the currency rates across the world. Each of them can be opened in a convenient schedule for the week, month, quarter and year. Here you can track the history of changes and currency trends.

The application has also a section “Interest rates”, which contains information on the different countries. For some reason, Russia, as well as many other large countries on the list. However, you can be sure that in some countries, the % rate is usually very low and sometimes even negative.

If you are interested in information on the shares of a particular company, then you can add it to “favorites” for easy searching.

The app includes a notification feature. Activating it, you will always be aware of events in the financial markets. Notifications are divided into three categories: analytical studies, company news and economic calendar.

Alpari Mobile, you can have a private office that will allow you to trade on Forex, investing in PAMM accounts to trade binary options and simply trade directly from your mobile device. The entire history of financial transactions stored in the app, to access it at any time. After registration you have the opportunity to participate in contests and collect bonuses.

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The application has a simple and user-friendly interface, all information is presented in Russian language. The Alpari Mobile app is completely free.

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