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“Almost magic”: the Apple in the new ad showed the possibilities of the portrait shooting mode iPhone 7 Plus

Apple posted on the official YouTube channel a new video – “Barbers”. It is dedicated to the portrait mode in the iPhone 7 Plus. The characters in the movie go to the hairdresser, where after cutting off on the Apple smartphone.

“Portrait mode on the iPhone 7. Almost magic,” say the authors in the end of the video. The clip appeared on the official channel of Apple yesterday. Heroes of advertising, masters of the haircut, organized a photo session of their clients.

The camera of the iPhone 7 Plus in addition to the optical zoom boasts a special mode of portraiture that allows you to create photos with depth of field or “bokeh”. Thus, it is possible to remove expressive live portraits, as in “DSLRs”.

In the video, the family owned a Barber shop visitors take pictures after the haircut. Portrait photos taken on the iPhone 7 Plus are attracting more new customers. Duration of ad is 1 minute and 10 seconds must see.

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