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Almost half of smartphone owners use only calls and SMS

Modern smartphones offer great opportunities. But what should the ordinary consumer? Many often use only a voice connection and to send SMS. This is stated in the research of analysts at GSMA Intelligence conducted in 56 countries around the world.

The capabilities of smartphones and wireless networks in recent years stepped far forward: the performance of equipment and devices is increasing in geometrical progress. Meanwhile, not all users are equally interested in the achievements of progress. The needs of a significant number of subscribers covered by the functions of voice and SMS.

Analysts identified four user groups according to the degree of enthusiasm with new technologies. It is argued that the proportion of those who use mobile devices only for voice and SMS, is 47%. According to experts, over time it will decrease so that by 2030 will be 29%.

The main factor named fuller involvement of users in developing countries due to the fact that options cellular connections will become more affordable. The perception that advanced features are only young subscribers is simplistic: in South Korea, for example, more than a quarter of smartphone users belong to the age group of 51-69 years.

As noted by GSMA Intelligence, South Korea is leading in the share of those who fully utilizes cutting-edge technology. In second place is Qatar, the third — USA. It is interesting that in the US, SMS is used more often than similar IP services.

Among European countries, experts say Denmark and Finland, which occupy the fifth and sixth places respectively.

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