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Almost 44 million iPhone users will be left without iOS 11

In early June, at WWDC 2017 Apple announces a new software platform iOS 11. Unfortunately, the owners of smartphones iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c, iPad mini 2 and iPad 4, and iPod touch 6G will not be able to count on the upgrade to the new OS.

IOS 11, the company decided to abandon support for 32-bit devices for the next major system upgrade. First, it was assumed that it will happen in 10.3.2 iOS since the first beta was not available for the iPhone and iPad. But the second test build users still able to install. If at first it looked like an accident, but now everything takes on the features of the patterns.

According to analysts, with the release of iOS 11, about 43.7 million iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c can not get this update. At the same time, in the case of outdated gadgets is not such a bad news, as fresh software releases are often significantly inhibit the operation of the devices and has a negative impact on Autonomous work.

11 iOS designed for iPhone and iPad with processors of the latest generation. Attempts to make this version compatible with older iPhone and iPad will inevitably lead to problems. Apple would have to create for these devices a separate version of the OS, effectively accepted outdated hardware.

Will be the owners of the 32-bit iPhone to buy a new model to replace the outdated, switch to Android or can live without updates? The company from Cupertino is hope for the first option, which would help to boost sales of smartphones. In other cases, the market share of Apple gadgets will decrease.

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