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All this time you used the wrong Doc

Every Mac user is familiar with the dock panel, by default located in the bottom of the screen. Now users use the dock less and less, preferring the Spotlight, made even more intelligent in the latest edition of macOS. In most cases, the panel simply took a seat and allows you to run programs on the entire screen. This is especially inconvenient when you work with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and some other software that does not support fullscreen mode.

Make Doc maximum flexibility allows the method proposed by Snazzy Labs. For the beginning of the bar should be placed vertically. Why? Screen size height much less than width, while the vertical distance is more important.

Press Shift on the keyboard and drag the small divider near the cart icon by dragging the dock to the left side of the display. Why to the left? The answer is simple: the left side of the screen is rarely used, but on the right is most of the content on the desktop.

Now the dock stays on the screen and overlaps a portion of the screen, so you can hide it. The problem is that when Doc is really necessary, when you hover it appears very slow. To solve this problem very simply.

Open a Terminal and type the following command: “defaults write autohide-time-modifier -int. The file “” stores the data of applications installed on the computer, the command “write” means that we make changes to the string “ autohide-time-modifier -int”, and “autohide-time-modifier” is a direct command that you want to change, that is, in this case, it means how much time it will take the appearance of the dock, “-int” – only that the input number is an integer.

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So, after you entered the command, press space and type any integer greater than zero. For example, enter “10” but in this case it won’t make any sense, since the panel will appear even slower. Therefore, the “0” below dock pop up instantly on hover. Please note that in order for the changes to take effect, you need to enter the command “killall Dock”.

Then dock your Mac will not be displayed constantly on the screen and interfere with the work, but it will instantly appear when needed.

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