All the fun stuff for week # 62: Wanda / Vision trailer and updated Xbox app for iOS

All the fun stuff for week # 62: Wanda / Vision trailer and updated Xbox app for iOS

We summarize the results of the outgoing week with a selection of interesting news that did not make it into the main agenda.

News in one paragraph

Lego Batwing in honor of Batman Day

The set is huge, consists of 2363 parts, includes a set of figures on a stand. The Batwing itself is a replica of a similar Batman transport from Tim Burton's 1989 film. Well, the main feature of the Lego Batwing is that it can be hung on the wall – it looks great!

ASUS and Acronym unveil special edition ROG Zephyrus G14 laptop

The collaboration with the Acronym technological clothing brand went on sale on September 18, but we miraculously missed it and are only talking about it now. The laptop is priced at $ 2,500 and comes with a Ryzen 9 4900HS processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q graphics, 32GB of RAM, and a 60Hz QHD display. The laptop looks top-notch: the keys are different colors, the lid with LEDs and a bunch of small letters that add a look. A very beautiful device!

Microsoft is testing an iOS app to stream Xbox games

The new application will be available to all users in the near future. It also updated the design, added the ability to view and send game clips and screenshots, as well as chat with friends and edit the catalog of installed games. You can stream games from Xbox One over Wi-Fi, LTE, or 5G networks. If the connection is interrupted, the console goes into standby mode.

Trailers of the week

"Wanda / Vision"

The series will air on Disney + in December this year, if the premiere is not rescheduled. The series will tell the story of Wanda and Vision, who live in a quiet American city of the 50s, but something is wrong with him. The action takes place after the movie "Avengers: Endgame":


Netflix has released the first teaser for the series "Lupine", based on the novels of the same name by Maurice LeBlanc. The actions in the books took place in the 80s, while the series unfolds in our time:

If you missed the videos on the Wylsacom channel

IOS 14 customization is the main topic of this week:

Eighth generation iPad unboxed:

We looked at the "smart" Kalashnikov ULTIMA shotgun with USB Type-C, camera and other bells and whistles:

We unpacked and studied the new SberBox prefix:

They also summed up the presentation and discussed new products:

Ilya Kazakov spoke about the affordable Dell G3 3500 gaming laptop:

What do you remember about the past week?

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