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All that is known about the Apple Watch Series 4

Described rumors and speculation about the device, which will likely be called the Apple Watch Series 4.

In the second half of this year, Apple will likely release a new timepiece. The company Tim cook is unlikely to leave the market of wearable devices without updates for a whole year, so you can count on the Apple Watch Series 4.

Discuss what is known about the Apple Watch Series 4 to date.

Time out

KGI analyst Min g Chi Kuo believes that Apple Watch will appear on the market in the 3rd quarter of 2018. Therefore, most likely, Apple will introduce a new watch with the next version of the iPhone.

This conjecture is also confirmed that all versions of the watch, except the first one, presented at the September Apple presentation.


All the same, Ming Chi Kuo suggests that Apple Watch Series 4 will be 15% more and get a new design. What will be the change, to judge difficult.

Apple owns patents on watch with a round display, so the Apple Watch can be classic.

The battery will be larger

In the market of smart watches, there are models that run for weeks without recharging. Can hardly wait for Apple’s such a big improvement, but battery new hours for sure will last longer than the Apple Watch Series 3.

New and updated sensors

When designing the first Apple Watch Tim cook the company hired thousands of people to develop and calibrate the sensors of health status. Part of the staff moved on to other projects, but many of them are still working over hours.

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In December of last year, Bloomberg wrote that Apple is working on technology that reads the pulse of a person with an accuracy of ECG. Also, there were rumors of creating a non-invasive sensor for glucose levels, but, according to The New York Times, this technology is not ready yet.

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