All Interesting Weekly # 58: DC FanDome Trailers and AirPower Teardown

All Interesting Weekly # 58: DC FanDome Trailers and AirPower Teardown

We summarize the results of the outgoing week with a selection of the most interesting news that did not make it into the main agenda.

News in one paragraph

A parsing of canceled AirPower appeared on the network

Yes, the very same wireless charger that Apple never introduced. There are rumors that this fall they may show a modified version, which will go on sale, but for now you can watch a video from a Chinese social network, where the charging station is being dismantled. Apple does not change traditions, inside AirPower looks just bewitching:

Sonos officially comes to the Russian market

In addition to purchasing the company's equipment, Russian users can now listen to Sonos Radio in the proprietary application. At the moment, for Russian buyers, the price is only for the wireless Sonos Move – it can be purchased for 35,990 rubles, but soundbars, small speakers and other gadgets will become available a little later.

Sonos Move in white. Source: Sonos

Tinder announced for Tesla owners

Tesla Dating app works the same way as Tinder. The creator of the application, Ajitpol Grivor, is a big fan of Tesla cars and decided that the owners of such cars are similar to each other. To register in the application, you need to send a photo inside the Tesla car, and in the profile you can indicate which configuration you own.

Razer unveils Productivity Suite

A minimalistic set for the office or workspace at home that will not distract you with all the colors of the rainbow. The set consists of a Pro Type keyboard, Pro Click mouse and Pro Glide mat. The devices cost 140, 100 and 10 dollars, respectively. Check out the specs on the Razer website.

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Trailers of the week

There was a DC FanDom presentation, which showed many interesting trailers. Let's start with Zach Snyder's Justice League. The so-called "Snidercut" will be released on the HBO Max streaming service in 2021:

A new trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 was shown, which is scheduled to premiere on October 1, if the film is not rescheduled again due to the pandemic:

Video from the set of the sequel to "Suicide Squad". The premiere is expected to take place in 2021, but there is no exact date yet:

And the cherry on top is the new "Batman" performed by Robert Pattinson. The premiere in Russia is scheduled for September 30, 2021:

Now for the sad news: Netflix canceled the second seasons of Society and I Don't Like It, because it was very unprofitable to gather a huge number of teenagers on the set during the coronavirus. But the fourth season of "Crown" will be – and no, it's not about COVID-19, but about Elizabeth II. Premiere November 15th on Netflix:

If you missed the videos on the Wylsacom channel

Valya talks about the new BMW 4:

Understanding why you need an Android tablet:

Unpacked parcels from China:

Natasha checks how the fall detection function works in the new Galaxy Watch3:

And Ilya talks about a multifunctional bucket for your smartphone:

What do you remember about the outgoing week?

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