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“All for $ 15”: the Apple opened the App Store a new section with the applications available at a minimal price

Apple has included a new App Store category with mobile apps available at a minimum price of 15 rubles. A separate section 100 of games and applications: new pictures” includes games and apps for iOS, divided into thematic sections. To view this list, go to iTunes, clicking on a separate link.

In the list of sections you can find apps related to the categories of “App Store Classic”, “Arcade hits”, “Useful app”, “Photographers”, “more games” and “Apps for kids”. Users can add to their collection applications, paying the lowest possible price.

After the transition in any of subheadings opens a separate page with applications in this category. Here you can find subsections with the latest and most popular applications.

Among useful applications Apple notes mobile scanner Scanner Pro, reader GoodReader, calculator Soulver, scanner with character recognition TextGrabber, and others. In the “Photographers” selected Pixelmator, Facetune, Faded, Stackable, Halftone. Among gaming hits interest Badland, Shadowmatic, a New spider-Man 2, goat Simulator, LIBO, The Room Two, and others.

Two new categories of applications — 15 rubles and 29 rubles appeared in the Russian segment of the App Store in early July. It’s even below pre-crisis levels, when the minimum threshold was considered 33 rubles. However, this gesture on the part of Apple does not mean that the apps are being sold for 59 rubles, automatically fell. The right to set the price remains with the developers, and if they wanted to, they can offer their products at a lower cost.

Reasons for the easing of price policy in Russia, Apple has not indicated, but it should be noted that this approach she has already practiced in China, where the minimum price in the App Store are lower than in other countries.

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