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AliExpress has opened an office in Russia: cable for iPhone 35 rubles and a gift for “mail of Russia”

Prophecies about the Chinese invasion of Russia began to come true – but only in an economic sense. Its division in the Russian Federation opened a giant e-Commerce Alibaba, better known to our customers under the brand of AliExpress. A month on this online portal that brings together tens of thousands of large and small sellers, we had 18-19 million visits from Russia, and our country is the second largest buyer. For further promotion Alibaba signed a cooperation agreement with Russian carrier SPSR Express, which plans to deliver up to 20,000 orders per month.

Company President Jack MA, whose fortune is estimated at $ 7 billion, even visited the recently opened St. Petersburg economic forum and gave a detailed interview to the known special correspondent of “jellyfish” Ilya Azar. It notes that AliExpress is betting on lower prices of goods and products of Chinese manufacturers. So, here uncommon goods worth 40-50 rubles – at this price you can buy covers and protectors for iPhone and iPad, and sales cost is lowered sometimes quite embarrassingly indicators. So, in the “hot goods” to date – USB cables for iPhone at 35 rubles, etc.

That will bring expansion to Russia for the AliExpress face a slow and painful death of traditional retail, that may make Chinese monster online trading leaders – these questions were answered by the experts interviewed Superomsk.

Dmitry Trifanov, web developer company IT-company ASMART:

If you compare AliExpress with other resources devoted to the online retail market of Chinese goods, it is possible to draw some conclusions: first, he adapted and localized for the Russian client. The second advantage that can provide a large set of options for transferring funds, from Yandex.Money and ending with the Western Union online service that facilitates payment for goods. Thus, the service achieves customer loyalty.

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We can say that AliExpress will take a leading position by the end of this year, squeezing smaller rivals from the availability and bystrovozrastayuschaya trust from buyers.

The most striking feature, in my opinion, is the appearance of periodic shares not only on a single product, but at a certain amount. Has the sweetest point is that if you’re using a QR code and order goods via the mobile app, for buying you can get certain bonuses.

Mikhail Morozov, head of Internet promotion retailer Svyaznoy:

Due to the increasingly active operations on the Russian market of such a large player as Alibaba, competition, naturally, increases. Especially it should be noted that popular in Russia AliExpress offers inexpensive goods, and it is in difficult economic times is especially attractive for customers.

At the same time the next stage of expansion of the player impact on all segments of e-commerce. For example, in 2014 the average bill parcels from China (where a significant share belongs AliExpress) was about 25-30 dollars. Thus, in the portable electronics market competition will intensify in the first place in the accessories segment and partly in the niche of the cheapest phones, the volume of which decreases. Chinese service preferred by those who want to buy products that are not represented in Russia, existing retailers in their range, in principle, no. Thus, the existing players in the electronics market, this event will not be affected dramatically.

You also need to understand that the company needs to build the necessary infrastructure. For example, today, Alibaba is not receiving or exchange of goods, which are all leading players in e-commerce. Given Russia’s geography and complexity of logistics, the construction of such system may take a long time.

Miroslav Zubachevski, managing Director KupiVip E-Commerce Services:

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A direct correlation between the advent of Ali and falling sales in off-trade, in my opinion, does not exist. In the last few years we have witnessed a steady fall in consumer demand in shopping malls and stable annual growth of 30 to 40% of the entire segment of online trading. This is a fundamental shift in the industry that happen regardless of arrival / departure of companies, even those as large as Alibaba. Changing the model itself shopping the Russian buyer who wants more variety, discounts and lucrative promotions.

What are the pros AliExpress will receive from the opening of an office in Russia? Exactly the same as any other foreign company operating in our market: more in-depth understanding of the market and the acceleration of all business processes.

The pros and cons AliExpress often are one and the same: the extremely low price of goods, but low quality no name brands. The main feature and complexity of the work of Russian buyers with AliExpress is the problem with the exact translation of the names of products and their descriptions in Russian language. This is exactly the condition which is convenient for Chinese buyers of Russian and uncomfortable to shopping.

Andrei Volkov, head of strategic consulting Agency

The Chinese giant has long been directly competes with all participants in the retail market, suppliers of all parts. In the crisis year of 2014 the company’s position only increased the prosperity of Russians worsened dramatically, shopping on Alibaba steel many way to save money and consumption. The only difficulty is that the speed of processing and delivery of orders will be resolved in the nearest or next year.

Advantage office in Russia – development of fame. Russians, like other Europeans, are not as active in online shopping, such as the Americans. For many trading on the Internet is associated with deception and fraud. If the outposts, branches, representative offices in any form – they will all work on spreading the knowledge about the trading service. And, of course, the ability to pick up the parcel, to order, to carry out other operations for many will be the best option. Here the company can use proven practices Yulmart.

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The main disadvantage is a lack of responsibility, Alibaba – mediator who is not responsible for the fact that you can cheat. Of course, they can block the seller to lower his rating of. But in a particular situation, when instead of 6 pairs of socks you will receive 6 pairs of underpants or 1 pair, or nothing will come, they’ll shrug. It is necessary to say about the shipping cost: the rising dollar shipping with competitors of Alibaba – Amazon, Ebay – risen strongly. The yuan rose against the ruble, but the shipping cost is relatively small and often included in the price.

Alibaba is a great and broad is the road to the Asian market for Russian entrepreneurs. Primarily for food manufacturers with medium and long shelf life, such as honey, and other things. For the domestic market of the Russian sellers easier to use although it is possible that Alibaba will rapidly obrocie and eat “Avito”.

Among the features of AliExpress website can note an intricate interface, to understand and appreciate the algorithm which is not so easy. But there is a huge number of manuals, videos and other scripts that will help you understand.

For “Russian post” Alibaba is a gift. The potential of several hundred thousand items per day! Here and multiply even at $ 100…

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