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Alcatel unveiled rival Casio G-Shock – protected smart watch Go Watch [video]

At IFA 2015 was presented a lot of smart watches. To join the “delegation” and decided Alcatel, announced intelligent chronometer Go Watch. As smartphone Go Play, novelty and protected from water (IP67), and from falls. More precisely, in the latter case, it would be logical to talk about crashworthiness.

Design Go Watch resemble a series of Casio G-Shock and boast sophisticated options. The screen diagonal 1,22 inch is characterized by a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. On the one hand, this means the density of 278 PPI. As the clock interface often consists of large items and even with a decent distance, you notice the lack of sharpness.

The hardware Go Watch introduces the Cortex-M4 processor and battery capacity of 225 mAh. The first paragraph automatically means the absence of any full OS. But, according to the manufacturer, the gadget can work for 2-5 days without recharging under normal use.

Go Watch able to display the events on the paired smartphone to control music playback and to monitor the pulse of the owner. This wearable computer can serve as a remote control and even a viewfinder when shooting from your smartphone. The interest is the possibility of determining the emotional state of the owner. She uses all present in the device sensors, including a heart rate sensor, and determines a person’s mood. The watch will share tips on improving it and allow you to publish on social networks.

Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch is compatible with smartphones on iOS (iOS 7 or above) or Android (Android 4.3 or above) and iOS (iOS 7 or above). Hourly pay will be $ 150.

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