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AirPower will not be released until September. The Apple engineers had to solve a lot of problems

Apple announces AirPower in September 2017 and promised that they will release it in 2018. Since then, the company didn’t say anything about the delivery of AirPower. Bloomberg found out the reason for such delay.

According to the publication, Apple engineers are faced with several problems in the development of wireless charging. One of them was to get rid of overheating of the device. But more problems were caused by the scheme AirPower, sources told the Bloomberg.

In contrast to conventional wireless chargers, AirPower needs to charge three devices at the same time. Besides, Apple wants to charge came from anywhere, regardless of where the device. This goal requires special arrangement of sensors charging, say people familiar with the development of AirPower. Apple uses its own charging technology, which it wants to integrate with the Qi standard.

Executive Director of a company that makes wireless charging for iPhone (he asked not to name his name), said that the mechanism of charging multiple devices is difficult to implement because it will need charging components of different sizes for three types of devices to be connected with the motherboard.

AirPower is a more advanced charging because it has a special CPU for Apple that regulates the power to the station and rechargeable devices. This processor is paired with a stripped-down version of iOS. Sources Bloomberg reported that Apple developers have had time to get rid of the bugs in the system.

Apple has not said when it will release AirPower, but engineers hoped to start charging in June. The main goal is to AirPower went on sale before or in September. In recent months, Apple employees are testing wireless charging in the office.

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Citing unnamed sources, Bloomberg writes that in the end, the Apple designers want to get rid of most of the buttons and ports on the iPhone, including the charging connector. During the development of the iPhone X, the company has been giving to the wired charging. But at that time it was impossible, because wireless charging was slower than the wire.

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