AirPower Alternative: Apple Launches Mophie Wireless Charging

In March this year, Apple canceled the launch of AirPower. The company was not able to achieve a high level in production and did not put on the market what might work poorly. It is unfortunate that it is, but there are alternatives. Not as interesting as AirPower, but working. And you can buy them right now.


Requiem for a dream: Apple officially canceled AirPower

Ilya Kichaev

March 30, 2019

Mophie wireless charging for three devices has appeared in the Apple online store right away: a separate platform for Apple Watch, AirPods and iPhone. Each of them is capable of producing 7.5 watts. Only two iPhones cannot be charged at the same time: one “cut-out” is designed specifically for headphones.

In the US, charging will appear next week. This was reported by Mark Gourmet from Bloomberg on his Twitter.

Also in Apple stores, a version with two Qi-sites for wireless charging and a USB Type-A port will be available to connect any device.

It looks, of course, much worse than AirPower: charging is glossy and black, which means that dust and scratches will be so evident. Plus she's not the thinnest.

For 110 euros (about 8,000 rubles), you can purchase a charging station for two devices, and the 3-in-1 version will cost 150 euros (about 11,000 rubles).

More interesting option

Nomad Base Station looks much more advantageous: a thin leather pillow, three coils at once – arrange the phone as you want. It costs adequate money: 140 dollars. There is an option without a watch pad for $ 100 and the same version, but with wood trim for $ 140.

In general, the manufacturer has many interesting accessories, even if you do not need QI. I had several wires for the keys, but were lost due to my carelessness. Together with the keys.

Already choose an alternative to AirPower?

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