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AirPods wireless headphones harmful for health?

In the new flagship iPhone 7 is a significant change – there is no headphone Jack. For listening to music or proposed to use an adapter with the Lightning connector, or wireless headphones AirPods, which some scientists speak of as harmful.

One of the first against the use of wireless headphones voted Professor of the University of California, Berkeley’s Joel Moskowitz, who believes that the location of the source of microwave radiation in close proximity to the brain may cause harm to the body, although it is not as strong as the radiation from microwave cooking ovens.

“At the moment does not exist any comprehensive clinical studies of the effect of prolonged exposure on the body of the radio source, located in close proximity to the brain. That is, the people who now use wireless headset, do so at your own risk — we still have no idea what problems this may result in the future,” said The Daily Mail Dr. Joel Moskowitz, an employee of the University of California at Berkeley.

Opponents of this opinion argue that the microwave radiation earphone does not exceed the permissible level and weaker microwave ovens. However, according to Moskowitz, the waves that is low intensity, which are used in headphones, harmful impact on health than short high-intensity radiation in the microwave.

In Apple believe that the 3.5 mm Jack completely outdated and must give way to new developments. “The audio more than 100 years, and its last improvement was 50 years ago. You know what they did to him? Just reduced! Since then it has not been touched. It is a dinosaur. Time to move on” — say at Apple.

“Why in the modern world wireless networks people have to use headphones with dangle wire? We have this 50-year-old socket, empty socket, in which only the air, and it takes the device a really valuable space. For a waiver of the 3.5 mm is not worth any ulterior motives. We just remove him, because he developed the best method of data transfer. Conspiracy theories about content management system or DRM paranoid and groundless”, – commented on the BuzzFeed top managers of the company.

The basis of all possibilities AirPods is a new processor Apple W1, which provides high quality sound and long lasting battery operation in the absence of wires. A pair of highly directional microphones focus on the sound of the voice, filtering out external noise.

The editor of the magazine What Hi-fi Simon Lucas questioned the appropriateness of renunciation connector for wired headphones: “If you’re holding on to sound quality, a wired connection is always better. It provides greater stability. Wireless headphones need to charge, and the greater the volume, the faster they are discharged”.

The problem of the classical audiogama is that it is analog. More precisely — intended for transmission of analog audio signal. This implies that at the source — in this case the smartphone must be present for at least two elements of the path: digital-to-analog Converter and amplifier that will give the current in your headphones, causing them to emit any sound. It is much easier to apply a stream of ones and zeros directly into the digital output, such as Lightning — then all these additional devices are not needed, and how to make the music play, let them worry someone outside of the iPhone. Thus, in theory, getting rid of the mini-Jack, Apple engineers have opened up the prospect for the revolutionary solutions in a smartphone, its filling and functions.

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