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AirPods vs Samsung Gear IconX: 5 advantages of wireless headphones Apple

Very interesting to see how different can be the approach to implement the same ideas from the perspective of different companies. To take the latest wireless headphones Apple and Samsung. It seems to be the same product – compact wireless headphones with their case is charging. But how different are these two products.

Apple’s approach to the implementation of the wireless headset is simple enough. Are based on the best selling headphones in the world EarPods, cut off from them wire, make a small, elegant case charging the device and make friends with Siri. The recipe is simple, but the effect is lovely – lots of press coverage, heated debate on the possible loss of one (or both) of the headphones.

Samsung working otherwise. In the device according to the tradition of “stuffed” all possible technologies. In the end, Gear IconX is not just a earphone, but also a fancy fitness tracker with a function for measuring steps and heart rate, touch-sensitive surfaces on each earcup for music control, so even with 4 gigabytes of internal memory.

In the publication RG compared a wireless headset Samsung Gear IconX with AirPods. We offer the five benefits of a Apple product that surfaced in direct comparison devices.

1. Design

Apple has always been a strong part of the design and a direct comparison between the Samsung Gear IconX with AirPods confirms this. Samsung product is made in industrial style, and looks rather pale against the background of stylish Apple drops white with a sleek. Despite the relatively classic design of the AirPods look fresh and even futuristic.

2. Ease of connection

To connect AirPods don’t need to press anything to switch, go into settings and perform other senseless acts. It is sufficient to unlock the phone, turn on Bluetooth and hold up a smartphone outdoor case. All headphones are now fully ready for use and will connect to all devices with an Apple ID automatically.

3. The battery life

Both solutions require frequent recharging in the supplied carrying case with a built-in battery. Apple did not dissemble about the battery life AirPods. On a single charge each headphone works 5 hours. The case provides more, plus 19 hours in total we have 24 hours of work. This is enough for 4-5 days long music listening.

Headset Samsung is hardly enough for an hour the way to one end. Effect excessive “tricked” IconX: built-in fitness tracker with a function for measuring steps and heart rate, touch-sensitive surfaces on each earphone, 4 GB of internal memory.

4. Automatic pause

Element for “magic” AirPods are infrared sensors that determine the position inside the ear. That is, they automatically put the music on pause, if you get one of the headphone, and then automatically switch to playback. AirPods is perfect for drivers / businessmen / athletes, as each earpiece can be used separately as a mono headset.

5. Support Siri

Due to the fact that in the case AirPods no buttons, all control is via voice assistant. To call Siri need to tap the earpiece, then dictate a command. Using these actions, you can accept and reject incoming call, make louder/quieter the sound and pause the music. It is worth to pay tribute to the developers: Siri understands what they want from it, in any, even the most noisy environments.

Despite the similarity of format, it is completely different products aimed at completely different audiences. You are a fan of Apple and want an excellent headset to your iPhone 7? Your choice — AirPods for 12 000 rubles in the official retail. Love sports, stay healthy and enjoy running your favourite tracks — the Samsung Gear IconX can become your faithful companion for 13 000 rubles.

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