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AirPods under “scalpel” iFixit: the headphones are not repairable

Under “scalpel” iFixit specialists got AirPods wireless headphones, sales of which started last week. Experts have studied the internal layout of the headset and the applied electronic components.

New wireless earphone Apple traditionally presented only in white color. Naturally, it “drops”. But the creators of the gadget, made some efforts to quench the thirst of the diversity of fans of “Apple” brand.

So, what can offer users a wireless headset Apple? Employees iFixit decided to find out more about the stuffing AirPods, which was subjected to the accessory procedure of analysis.

Inside AirPods was discovered printed circuit Board, voice coil, diaphragm, magnet, some sensors and a rechargeable battery. The capacity of the latter is only 93 mW/h, equivalent to about 1% of the battery capacity of the iPhone 7. Battery charging Boxing offers 1.52 In/HR and this is sufficient for eight recharges the headphones.

New AirPods looks very similar to the previous model, but inside they look completely different. The main innovation is the presence of a tiny Board with a chip Apple-W1, wireless module for communication with the source of the sound, and the membrane of the time heads made of paper and specialty polymer instead of traditional plastic. This improvement, according to experts, makes the design more reliable.

Experts surprised by the mediocre quality of manufacture of the charger for AirPods, specifically the connection of its internal components on the chip. To disassemble the case just did not happen, the experts had to cut it.

AirPods headphones boast high strength. Apparently, the Apple engineers decided to rectify the shortcomings of previous models headset sort of power the rise of durability of the product. As a result, these burly look aesthetically pleasing, contribute to comfortable music listening experience.

iFixit draws attention to the problem of maintainability AirPods – on this indicator the new Apple earphones are definitely not a leader. The headset is very difficult to open, the internal components of the abundantly filled with glue, which ensures high tightness of all components and sensors. The novelty has received a score of 0 points out of a possible 10.

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