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AirPods: unboxing and first look at the wireless headphones Apple [video]

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has lost the traditional 3.5-mm connector for standard headphones which Apple now offers to use the universal Lightning interface. Comes with a matching wired ЕаrPods and compact adapter with 3.5 mm for compatibility.

But Apple believes the best way to connect the headset to the iPhone is wireless, and presented with new smartphones AirPods headphones. Despite very compact size, they integrate a set of advanced technologies.

Thanks to recognizable anatomical form, AirPods are well kept in the ear. The battery life is 5 hours, which in itself is high. But included is a small case with an extra battery, which eliminates the need of mains supply up to 25 hours. Just put headphones discharged for 15 minutes per case to 3 hours listening to music.

Setting AirPods is made as simple as possible: simply open the case close to Apple and will appear on the screen button to connect. It is noteworthy that the headphones are connected simultaneously with all the user’s devices from Apple, and switching between iPhone and Apple Watch is made intellectually, so the sound ultimately comes from the active device. For use AirPods on Mac and iPad requires manual selection.

In each earphone there are a couple of microphones, directed along and perpendicular to the face, one of which is responsible for noise reduction. There is also an infrared sensor that informs about use of headphones to control their work. Just remove the AirPods and playback will stop.

Due to the presence of dual accelerometer monitor headphones, even a slight movement. For example, the sensors recognize when a user begins to speak, and turn on the microphone and double tap to activate the assistant Siri.

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For sound processing, sensors, stable wireless connection and power management answers built into each earphone new special microprocessor Apple W1.

Full independence of headphones allows you to use one of them as a headset and a couple for the same purpose or listening to music. They work as a single device.

AirPods will be on sale at the end of October, including in Russia. In the US the cost will be $160, and we have a few more 13 thousand roubles.

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