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AirPods: the first reviews and impressions [video]

On Tuesday, Apple started selling AirPods wireless headphones with charging case for additional charge cycles of the battery. Some foreign journalists have already managed to study the headset, and shared her impressions about her. The reviewers noted the ease of connection and management innovation, are equipped with built-in sensors.

For high-tech AirPods in answer: energy-efficient chip W1, instant connection to devices in the Apple ecosystem, and a variety of sensors and accelerometers. As noted by the reviewers MacWorld, AirPods work like magic. They have no switches or buttons. Headphones automatically connect with all Apple devices, and to access Siri, you need to double tap their housing.

Just open the case, bring it to the iPhone and on the device’s screen will immediately show a message indicating that a headphone is connected, and demonstrates the charge level.

On the case the charging case has a button: clicking on it, AirPods you can enter in a mode other devices. The fact that the gadget can be used with any Apple devices that support iOS 10, watchOS 3 or macOS Sierra, but many other devices that support Bluetooth headsets. Double touch case headphone instead activate Siri puts the music on pause or playback includes.

AirPods are working not only with iPhone, iPad and Mac

The first reviews from journalists are that the device looks quite original, the sound level or slightly better than the wired EarPods (elastic sound with increased volume, but lack bass) with impressive technology. In order to put playback on a pause, enough to remove one of the headphones. Despite fears AirPods doing great in the ears and do not fall out even while running.

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