AirPods Pro will be released in new colors

Let's be honest: AirPods 2 is a bug fix. We were waiting for a new design, convenient for everyone, noise reduction and moisture protection. And they got wireless charging and "Hello Siri."

It seems that AirPods Pro (yes, the name will be just that) will be exactly that “second” generation. What is already known: the new design of the protective case and the shape of the headphones (they will become "gags"), active noise reduction and an increased price of up to $ 259 or 22,000 rubles in Russia.

Economic Daily News has shared new information about AirPods Pro. Firstly, the headphones will be protected against moisture. Most likely, they will not be allowed to swim in them, but protection from sweat and rain will appear.

AirPods Pro concept in new colors

Secondly, AirPods Pro will be released in new colors. As many as eight new colors, including green, white, black and gold. What four more colors will be is unknown, but judging by the bright Beats Solo Pro, you can expect something like that.

Will AirPods 2 no longer be on sale?

It seems to me that they will, and at the same price. But the headphones with the "usual" charging case will stop producing. It will be like this: “inserts” for those who love this form and cannot refuse it, and “plugs” for those who were really looking forward to active noise reduction.

But what about the presentation in October?

She will not be. Officially, the information was not confirmed, but was not announced, although it is usually done 8-14 days before the event. Apple will simply add headphones to the site, make the news and without any fuss (publications and users will tell about it) will start making money.

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Case maker shows how AirPods Pro case will look

Ilya Kichaev

October 25, 2019

I really look forward to AirPods Pro. Most likely, I will not buy, because I can’t stand the “plugs”, and I will wait for the Beats Solo Pro in gray. But there is a desire to look at the new form factor for the company live and listen to headphones. With Apple technology, it’s always like this: you say that you can’t buy it, and then you try and understand that life without a device is already becoming sadder.

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