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AirPods headphones really were “stunningly successful”

22.04.2017 0 Comments

AirPods wireless headphones on sale December 13 – two months later than the promised date. Interest in the device was very large, as previously said Apple CEO Tim cook, who, when asked about the sales of AirPods declared “a resounding success”.

AirPods headphones really were "stunningly successful"

It’s been four months, but the demand for AirPods are still enormous. Apple is still poised to deliver a wireless headset on before 6 weeks from date of order (!) This fact drew the attention of the browsers CNET. According to the edition referring to informed sources, Apple is doing everything possible to ensure the necessary level of supply of wireless headphones, but to cope with the shortage cannot. Cook also said that to meet the demand Apple “makes their AirPods as quickly as possible”.

The hype around AirPods headphones really are. On the first day of availability of products delivery time on pre-order shot up to 6 weeks and is kept at the same level to this day. The device can be seen only on the shelves of branded stores Apple: how do I find the browser resource in the first place the company supplies headphones is brand retail, directing the surplus to the buyers in the online store.

AirPods headphones really were "stunningly successful"

Unfortunately, to assess the real sales AirPods is not possible. It would seem the data about sales of new products can be obtained from the financial statements. Sorry, not in the case of the headset: sales data AirPods included in the General category of “Other products” includes sales of Beats headphones, iPod, Apple Watches, Apple TV and other accessories.

Thus, to allocate specific numbers will not work even at all desire. And, most likely, the answer to the question of exactly how much Apple is selling AirPods, we will never know.

AirPods headphones really were "stunningly successful"

Anyway, the owners appreciated the AirPods headphones, despite the fact that they are totally unfit for repairs.

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