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AirPods for a few days became the most popular in the world of wireless headphones

AirPods wireless headphones went on sale two months later than initially planned. It happened in mid-December, but since that time, the device managed to gain popularity among users. According to a report by research firm Slice Intelligence, the proportion of wireless headphones in online sales grew by 50% after the launch of Apple AirPods.

“In December 2016, 75% sold through the Internet, the headphones were wireless. This is no accident: this month started selling AirPods. On 13 December, the day of the launch of wireless headset Apple earphones the cost was 10 times higher than in previous holidays. This is the biggest day of online sales for headphones for the entire year,” the report said analysts.

It is noteworthy that before the release of AirPods the most popular wireless headphones in the world were model under the brand Beats. They accounted for about 24% of the market. The second and the third place was occupied by the device companies Bose and Jaybird with a share of 10.5% and 7.5%, respectively. After running AirPods headphones Apple quickly took the lead and now account for 26% of the market of wireless headphones, the Beats share dropped to 15.4%.

Previously, Apple CEO Tim cook, speaking about the first results of sales of AirPods, called them “a resounding success”. Unfortunately, he has not given details about the implementation of the gadgets in quantitative terms. AirPods on sale in very limited quantities, and the first batch was sold out very quickly. The following can be expected only by the end of February, if you focus on the website of the online Apple store.

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The majority of experts, test AirPods wireless headphones, praised the device as a whole positively, noting ease of use, good sound and the presence of interesting features. Although, a study by iFixit revealed that the headset cannot be repaired.

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