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AirPods better than EarPods, but need getting used to

Browser iMore Lori Jill shared her experience of using wireless headphones AirPods.

Lori Jill is a petite woman, and she often has difficulty in selecting clothes and accessories the right size. A similar problem arose with wired headphones the Apple EarPods — they’re too bulky for her ears and are quite uncomfortable when worn for long. Of course, Jill is not the only one who has been in the same situation.

After the announcement of AirPods she was disappointed. Although headphones have lost their wires, their size and shape remained the same. To spend $160 (11 990 rubles) for a device that may not be suitable — not the most interesting option. However, the girl decided to buy after her colleague told me that due to Apple earphones, devoid of wires, felt otherwise.

And experience Lori Jill confirmed it. Wireless AirPods don’t need to push deep, they weigh almost nothing and it does not fall out of your ears. According to Jill, headphones felt comfortable enough when working at a table in a cafe or at home on the couch. AirPods were more comfortable than the EarPods. But as soon as Lori began to move, she instinctively tried to insert the earphone deeper into the ear, causing themselves pain.

Gin came to the conclusion that the AirPods have a certain period of adjustment. As practice shows, there is a small probability that they will fall out of your ears when walking. Of course, if you are going to actively shake his head in time to the music.

If a wired Apple headphones do not fit you in size, as is the case with Lori Jill, you can try AirPods. Over time you get used to the headset and will be able to move more confidently without the fear to lose one of the headphones on the road.

If there are fears that the AirPods don’t fit you and you will just waste money, you can always try to return the headphones within 14 days.

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