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AirPods: 10 things you probably didn’t know

AirPods wireless headphones debuted in mid-December, but during that time became very popular. To use the new proprietary headset Apple pretty simple, which many users consider themselves experts. In fact, there are many opportunities AirPods, which not many know. This article is intended for those who are interested to know all the features of the new wireless headphones from Apple.

AirPods can be used with any Bluetooth-enabled devices.

For use AirPods, it is recommended to have a device on iOS 10, macOS Sierra or watch OS 3. But the same scheme works with gadgets from other manufacturers. On many forums on the net write that AirPods incompatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops on different OS. This is not true, they are connected to Android devices and work quite well.

View the remaining power AirPods in the control or the widget.

To know the remaining battery life in several ways. For example, you can open control center, go to the player and to call the panel by sound sources. Here shows the status of the device battery. In addition, you can add a page specific widget “batteries”.

View the remaining power by opening the cover next to the charger.

In order to know the charge level of the AirPods and cover enough to open the lid of the dock, putting the next iPhone – you will immediately see on the screen of the smartphone is the window with the headphones and cherished indicators.

To know the remaining capacity AirPods on the Apple Watch.

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If you have a Apple Watch, you can check the remaining power level, causing the control gesture swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

You can rename your AirPods.

AirPods connected to iPhone, you can rename. To do this, go to the settings of the smartphone into the category of a Bluetooth devices. Then click on the letter “i” next to the icon AirPods and find a field with the name of the device.

You can change what double-tapping on the AirPods.

A very simple way implemented in AirPods call Siri. Double-knock with your finger on any earphone, and the assistant is activated. By default, the device starts up exactly Siri, but the main purpose of the gesture can be changed to play/pause/answer/hang up.

You can automatically redirect voice calls from iPhone to AirPods.

With regard to incoming and outgoing calls, in the first case, they automatically go to the headphones, and the second when dialing on iPhone we can choose, will the sound on the headphones or the speakers of the smartphone. If your iPhone is activated the corresponding item, voice calls will be automatically translated into AirPods as soon as you put the earphone in your ear.

You can change the volume AirPods with a wheel of the Apple Watch.

The owners of “smart” watches Apple is the easiest way to change the volume AirPods. Open the music app while playing music and scroll the digital Crown to increase or decrease the volume level.

AirPods are not equipped with inductive charging technology.

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AirPods can boast of excellent design and convenience dock, but in the case of the latter, many users got the error. At thematic forums on the net you can find the claim about the support of wireless charging headphones. In fact, placed in the case “ears” touch the metal contacts inside the case due to which energy transfer occurs.

AirPods fell in Russia to 11 990 rubles

Now wireless headphones Apple in Russia are worth 1,000 rubles less than originally stated. Thursday amid strengthening of the ruble, the company revised prices for all its products, including the AirPods.

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