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After purchase Apple will not upgrade the application to automate Workflow tasks

As you know, Apple acquired the application to automate Workflow. Usually as a result of such purchases, the program ceases to exist, because companies are not buying the software, and the developers and their ideas. But Apple has not closed the app and made it free — previously, the utility cost 229 rubles. Unfortunately, the sad predictions about the future Workflow confirmed: Cupertino after purchase do not intend to upgrade the app and expand its capabilities.

The application Workflow will no longer receive new features. The response from the support staff one of the users reported that the program is not planned any updates.

The transaction took place in March of this year. Apple praised the convenience and Workflow amathila that the product received the award Apple Design Awards 2015 due to the prominent use of iOS features. The company has allocated the excellent integration with VoiceOver, the ability to label items, useful tips, and some other functions.

Workflow makes the work simultaneously the features of iOS, which in other cases are unable to communicate. The app started to use a improve the OS as soon as Apple brought them up. Using Workflow to easily create a bundle, which, for example, in one press finds meeting places, collecting photos of these places from Google Street View and sends this data to the user by mail. Or, for example, it can be used to automate the creation of gif animation from multiple images or extract pictures from web sites. Users can create their own workflows or download the ready with the official gallery or from other sources.

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After the announcement about the purchase Workflow was free. After that, Apple wins some customers the money they spent on the app.

In a letter to one of the users of the service representative Workflow unequivocally said that the company is not going to add new features and to replenish the catalog behavior. Likely, Apple will only support the app — most likely, periodically correcting the mistakes.

“We do not provide the ability to add workflows to the gallery, because the Workflow is not scheduled any updates, — the letter says. — But in General we continue to support existing functionality and Workflow are not going to stop supporting”.

What Apple plans to do with Workflow, is still unknown. The functionality of the application as any third-party service on iOS was always limited, therefore, most likely, the company wants to incorporate advanced features to automate tasks in the platform.

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