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After criticizing Taylor swift Apple has decided to pay the artists during the free trial period Apple Music

On Sunday, American singer Taylor swift on his blog criticized the new Apple Music service, saying that it’s shocking policy of the company, who decided not to pay the artists for a free trial period. A few hours later, Apple responded to the appeal of the musician, stating that the revised policy.

Streaming, radio and social network for musicians “in one box” Apple Music officially unveiled at WWDC 2015. Apple claimed that the first three months of the service will be free. However, he was free not only for members but also for the singers, which the company was not going to pay a single cent during the trial period.

Themselves artists, labels, producers, and all others who participated in the process of making music is, of course, was not satisfied. The most prominent opponent of Apple was an American singer Taylor swift, among others the winner of seven Grammy awards and multi-platinum albums, which is June 21 in his tumblog explained why her new album “1989” will not appear in the Apple Music:

“I’m sure you know that Apple Music will be free for three months for everyone who signs up for this service. But I’m not sure, did you know that Apple Music will not pay for this time authors, producers and performers. It’s shocking and disappointing to me,” wrote Taylor swift.

Swift pointed out that Apple has enough money to pay all musicians, even if in the first three months for the students it will be free. The singer signed an open letter, saying: “We do not ask you to free iPhone. Don’t ask and you free music.”

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A few hours later the appeal of swift was heard, Apple had no choice as to accept its conditions. Senior Vice President of the company software eddy cue wrote in his Twitter that the company will pay artists even during the three-month trial period.

Streaming Apple earns 30 June and will be available including in Russia. The basic version will cost $ 169 per month.

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