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Adviser to Putin on the Internet spoke out against blocking the torrent trackers and offered to fine users

A decision to eternal blocking the Internet resource Rutracker is like a bad Comedy, since nothing prevents the resource to just buy a new domain. Such opinion on air of radio station RSN has been expressed recently appointed assistant to the President of Russia on the Internet Herman Klimenko.

“If we are to fight for copyright protection, you need to act in some other way. What I don’t know, but now it looks like not a very good Comedy,” he said. Klimenko explained that there is no difficulty in the change domain.

“If legislators have tentatively consulted with industry, they would explain that the domain lock for such resources is absolutely irrelevant. In order to register a domain name – it costs America $7-8, if the domain area .com. I think that goal will not be achieved,” he said.

According to the Advisor of the President, there are more effective ways of combating piracy in the network. “In Germany, if memory serves, or in America, for downloading illegal content come the penalties,” he said. Klimenko noted that to the authors, and copyright holders, and Internet resources necessary to negotiate and find an acceptable solution. “Currently, the effectiveness of the solution is zero, and the solutions – we need to sit down and think”, he concluded.

The decision to “eternal” blocking Russia’s largest torrent tracker Rutracker entered into force on January 22. On 25 January it will be transferred to Roscomnadzor and the Ministry would present the portal in the register of banned websites. The total audience Rutracker in December 2015, according to Liveinternet data, amounted to more than 14 million unique visitors. According to statistics Similarweb, in December, the website was viewed nearly 78 million times.

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According to a member of the Pirate party Pavel Rassudov, lock Rutracker tantamount to a return to Soviet times. According to him, to forbid people to share information on the Internet is impossible.

Earlier this week it was reported that Herman Klimenko owns torrent tregrom Torrnado. One of the sources says that he had referred the business to his son shortly after his appointment to public office.

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