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Advertising blockers in iOS 9 will take away advertising platforms millions of dollars

In the operating system, iOS 9, is set for release this fall, Apple will allow you to use native advertising blockers for Safari. Innovation, according to analysts PageFair, a “game changer” in the industry, which in 2015 will lose because of blocking ads on the Internet $22 billion.

Apps, extensions and other software that limits the dis play of advertisements on the websites, will hit the revenues of Internet resources. The study shows that the popularity of this type of software is growing — during the year the number of active users increased by 41% to 198 million Among them — 5.3 million Russians, or 6% of all Internet users in the country.

According to analysts, the ad-blocker on sites regularly used by more than 200 million people worldwide. The makers of one of the most popular bollards — Adblock Plus — claim that the browser extension has been downloaded over 400 million times.

The publication notes that in addition to reducing the audience of online advertising, advertisers face the challenge of targeting demonstrating to advertising, as a result of these problems, about half of the advertising never comes to the Internet user.

Because of software that allows you to block ads on websites, resources will fall short in 2015 of about $ 22 billion in revenue. Interestingly, the main “non-payers” are U.S. residents — 43 million Americans have AdBlock. In Europe percentage of all Internet users in the state is leading Greece, in which 37% of the population blocks ads. In quantitative terms, such people most in Germany — 18 million

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Among our neighbors is the most popular ad blockers won in Poland with 9 million active users, or 35% of the Internet audience in the country. In Ukraine, these 1.9 million (12%), Belarus – 370 thousand, Lithuania — 405 thousand (19%), Latvia — 229 thousand (15%), Estonia — 265 thousand (25%).

In iOS 9 has a special API to block advertising content in Safari. This will lead to a further increase in the number of users of ad blockers, which ultimately may lead to a total change in their business strategies, according to PageFair. “The release of iOS 9 this fall could change the rules of the game, as it will allow users to easily set up advertising blockers from the App Store” – say the analysts.

Now in the online store App Store has several apps for blocking ads, but there is no single universal. For example, AdBlock Browser is a dedicated browser, and Weblock works only on Wi-Fi.

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