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Advertising Agency “6S Marketing” asks Apple to rename the “iPhone 6s”

Advertising Agency from new York “6S Marketing” is hoping to convince Apple to rename its new flagship. The company has addressed an open letter to Apple, and also rented a number of billboards, including one at times square, where they’ve placed the text “Dear universe, please give me his iPhone 7. Sincerely, 6S Marketing”.

In an open letter on the website 6S Marketing says that the company recently learned that Apple intends to call the next iPhone the iPhone 6s, therefore, urges the Corporation to “revise” the title of his new product. Then marketers tell the story of your company.

“You see, our company is called 6S Marketing, but our clients, friends and colleagues just call us “6S”. This short name is the basis of our identity – we have used it since 2000, when he founded the company in the tiny apartment. At that time we could not imagine that one of the largest corporations in the world will call this name your mobile device (in the end, we still went with the “clamshell” Motorola).

We chose the name “6S”, because it is consonant with the English word “success”.

Since before the launch of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus less than a week, Apple will not have time to change in the promotional materials and packaging, even if the “Apple” company and listens to the requests of 6S Marketing. Last understand this, so the letter is rather an advertising course.

The iPhone naming scheme remained unchanged for many years since the release of the iPhone 3GS. Publication of the petition 6S Marketing in anticipation of the unveiling of September 9, means that the company is just trying to attract attention.

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6S Marketing is completing an open letter in the following words: “I Hope you will receive this letter in time and decide to keep the name “6S” its true owner, for we used it from the beginning of the Millennium”.

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