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Advertising a new line of sneakers New Balance filmed entirely on iPhone [video]

A few years ago, a famous American brand New Balance has launched a separate division dedicated to skateboarding. A new line of shoes called Numeric and added the classic logo NB the hash “#”. This week New Balance launched a promotional video series Numeric running shoes, shot entirely on the iPhone.

At the 6-minute video showing their skills known skateboarders PG Ladd, Arto Saari, Jordan Taylor, Levi brown, Tom Carangelo, Jack Courtin and others. Scenes stunts with the Board in the video are interspersed with views of urban landscapes in slow motion. To create a promo video used several iPhone 6.

Previously, the company who popularized Jogging sneakers, entered into a contract with a major U.S. distributor of skate shoes and clothing Black Box, which in turn helped with the production and distribution of a new collection. It is no secret that previously, the market was busy popular brands, but in recent years, skateboarding began to gain momentum, and now more and more companies are willing to produce clothes and shoes for people who are fond of them.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that brands use exclusive Apple equipment. In may last year, Bentley has released a promotional video of their cars, shot entirely on iPhone 5s. It is mounted on a iPad Air. In September 2013 the fashion house Burberry took off his designer show in London on iPhone in slow motion, and smartphones, the company received even before their official release. Subsequently, the former head of Burberry Angela Ahrendts has held the position of Vice President of retail Apple.

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