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Advanced iPhone line has a positive impact on Apple stock

The journalists told Reuters on the impact of the expansion of the model range iPhone on Apple shares. In their opinion, the company is on the right track.

Now Apple sells the 8 iPhone. And that’s not counting old devices like the iPhone 6, still produced and sold in the less developed countries. This difference seems strange and confusing to many users. However, it has a positive impact on the stability of the Corporation’s shares, making Apple less dependent on its core product – the iPhone X.

As an example, Reuters cite a recent decline in the value of securities of Apple by 3% due to rumors of poor sales of iPhone X. Stock slightly declined, but a day later returned to previous levels, as the company has many other products, bringing arrived. Investors and analysts still believe that Apple will earn the promised $ 86 billion before the end of the fourth fiscal quarter.

“Of course, but the iPhone 6s and iPhone releasing 8 in addition to the tenth generation brand of smartphones, Apple has sozdala a more sustainable position in the market and secured a higher income,” said Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Creative Strategies.

However, experts from Technalysis Research believe that flagship models play a very important role and move the sale forward to a new level.

Apple has opted for a more quiet and reliable way. The Corporation closes the gaps in different price segments and trying to increase profits at the expense of less expensive models. How will this affect the development of the company and new models of the iPhone, time will tell.

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