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Adobe has shown of the ability to edit photos on iPad using voice commands

Adobe Research has announced the voice assistant that helps users to edit photos on mobile devices. Video demonstration of iPad apps published on the official YouTube channel of the company.

With the help of virtual assistant users will be able to process the photos using voice commands. The video shows that to activate the function in the graphical editor, press the icon with the microphone. The application can accept voice commands and perform appropriate operations.

While the assistant takes a relatively simple commands like changing the aspect ratio of the image, its reflections and cancellation actions. In addition, you can ask the helper to publish the processed picture in the social network.

“This is only the first steps to create a reliable voice interface, which will allow our clients to edit images in a simple and engaging way,” — said at Adobe.

Adobe considering various implementations of the system. She, in particular, can rely on local computing resources of the computer or on the cloud platform for processing of natural speech.

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