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Adobe abandons mobile Photoshop and remove the app from the App Store

Adobe abandoned mobile version of Photoshop, stating that a universal app is not as convenient to work on smartphones and tablets. The company is pushing users to download new applications designed to replace Photoshop Touch. All they are focused on working with commercial cloud service.

According to Cnews, the company Adobe Systems refuses further development of the mobile version of Photoshop — Photoshop Touch — released in 2012. 28 may 2015, the app disappears from App Store and Google Play. If the user has purchased the app prior to this date, he will be able to continue to work with him, but no updates developer will not produce.

In refusal Adobe Photoshop Touch called “a difficult decision, but necessary. The company came to the conclusion that a universal mobile application, which represents an attempt to bring the functionality of desktop Photoshop on smartphones and tablets, the idea is not very good. “We believe that the future belongs to our new applications, allowing much wider to show their creativity,” said the company.

New applications include Comp Adobe CC, Adobe Shape CC, Adobe Brush CC and Adobe Color CC. Adobe CC Comp is used for adding text and graphics to images, Adobe Shape CC — vector images, Adobe Brush CC — create brushes from photos and Adobe Color CC — extract palettes from images.

In addition, in the range of Adobe applications for devices with touch screens are also present Photoshop Mix for combining the images (for example, add a background and Photoshop Sketch drawing pencil and brushes.

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Unlike Photoshop Touch, which cost in the App Store is 599 rubles, and in Google Play — 314 rubles, new Adobe free. However, in order for them to begin to use, you must have an Adobe account.

All new applications integrated with the cloud service Adobe Creative Cloud, with which the user can synchronize the files on different devices, including desktop computer, and get the ability of image processing on mobile devices at full resolution. All of these features require a paid plan (from 299 per month).

When subscribing, the user not only gets the ability to sync files, but also the opportunity to install the latest version of the Adobe applications on your PC. A waiver Photoshop Touch and the transition to the new application set is a step to increase Creative Cloud user base and revenue, which brings the service account for paid accounts.

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