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Adapter RES will improve sound quality and add wireless charging to iPhone 7

The Gadget company Creative Lab has announced an unusual accessory of the iPhone 7. We are talking about Lightning-adapter RES, which not only improves sound quality, but also enables wireless charging of “Apple” Communicator.

Thanks to RES users can simultaneously listen to music through the standard 3.5 mm audio Jack and charge the battery of the smartphone via the Lightning port. Accessory certified by Apple, as evidenced by the logo of the MFA supports audio with a sampling frequency of 192 kHz and a bit depth of 24 bits.

Thanks to a small adapter, users can enjoy high quality sound without worrying about insufficient battery power. In addition to high sound quality, built-in audio chip innovations can offer effective noise reduction technology.

In addition to quality DACS, and two Lightning connectors and 3.5 mm novelty is equipped with built-in coil inductance, thereby to make up the energy of battery iPhone with wireless charging-enabled with Qi standard.

Funds for the production of RES collected on kraudfandingovoy site Kickstarter. The cost of the gadget will be about $ 30, when pre-purchasing the adapter can be purchased for $ 20. Supply the first customers will start in may.

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