Adapter King with Power Bank for MacBook Pro

Three years ago, Line Dock startup showed an interesting thing: it combines a data storage disk, a dock with a bunch of connectors and an additional battery. Powerful adapter adapted for MacBook Pro and Air with 13-inch screens. Then, fundraising for the project began at Indiegogo, it took $ 50,000 to start production, and they planned to send the first samples to customers in the summer of 2017.

Time passed, the stand traveled around the exhibitions, the terms and prices changed. So, for the first pre-order customers, the accessory cost $ 150. A few years later, at the beginning of 2019, at the CES exhibition in Las Vegas, the same thing already cost $ 300. Now she finally goes on sale. The price naturally increased.

Adapter King with Power Bank for MacBook Pro

How much is?

Now the docking station with built-in Power Bank costs $ 349, you can choose the color for the style of your laptop: Space Gray or black. Strange, have you ever seen black macbooks?

For $ 449 we get the same dock, but with a built-in 256 GB SSD. Few? Then buy 1 TB for $ 749. And you can add an SSD yourself by installing a disk of any other size. This is great.

Adapter King with Power Bank for MacBook Pro

What is good?

The idea is that you get everything at once. An additional 20,000 mAh battery for charging, a bunch of connectors and a place to store data. It is strange that in such a thing there was no place for RJ-45, but then there were just three USB-A versions 3.0, three USB Type-C, HDMI, Display Port, SD-reader. Class!

He is big?

Well, not small, weighs 900 grams of aluminum adapter. If you plan to take it with you, you will feel that you are carrying not one MacBook Air 13 ”, but two such laptops at once.

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Adapter King with Power Bank for MacBook Pro

Are there any older models?

I would like to see such a docking station for older MacBook Pro models, but the stand for 15- and 16-inch Pros is still on the waiting list, judging by the manufacturer’s website.

P. S. If you know English or know how to use a translator, you can read the review on the iMore website. They scolded the adapter for the fact that the reading and copying speeds from memory cards are falling – no more than 20 MB / s on both sides. The built-in SSD-drive is also not very frisky: it produces about 220 MB / s. But in the pluses, a bunch of ports, nice design, powerful battery and the ability to upgrade an additional SSD.

One question: take it for unpacking?

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