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Action for readers MacDigger from ONDOC: free digitizing medical document

MacDigger have already told you about a free service and mobile application for monitoring the health ONDOC. We carried out the campaign with free digitization of medical document in may 2015 and were delighted by your interest in the service.

Today, the developers announced the re-share: users who have downloaded the app during the period on 26 and 27 September will get into your account 59 rubles for digitization of the medical document.

Service ONDOC is in the top App Store category “Medical”. It combines electronic medical records, helpful reminders, a database of doctors and clinics, collection and analysis of indicators of your health.

Add medical information in ONDOC different ways:

1. To get the admission after visiting the clinic, connected to ONDOC.

To the service connected clinic “Allegro”, “the Harmony of the smile”, “Velum” (St. Petersburg), “Author’s dentistry” and “Astra-med” (Khabarovsk), “Euro-dent” (Perm), “Smile” (Angarsk) and the dental office “Family” (Sortavala). Here the patient may not take any papers from the office – all the information about the treatment will appear on the screen of his mobile phone.

2. Enter the results of the tests and health indicators manually.

Users can fill in information: to specify for each survey the clinic, the doctor and his specialization, to record information about the reception and appointed a course of treatment, the date of a return visit and attach a photo of the survey.

3. Sync the app ONDOC with Apple Health, and add a core health indicators: height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood.

ONDOC integrated with Apple Health, allows you to share the findings with your doctor. All data from third-party apps integrated with Apple Health, is available not only in application but also on the website ONDOC.

4. Take advantage of the digitization of medical document to add information from paper media.

ONDOC can completely replace the standard paper medical chart. All received health data stored within the profile and are available in electronic form not only from the free app, but also on the website.

For those who do not have time to use the action last time, ONDOC gives free digitizing medical document. This is a great opportunity for readers MacDigger begin to electronic medical records now and forever to remember important information.

Usually at the clinic your medical records do not even give you a hand. And you know neither diagnosis nor transcripts of your tests. Now all medical data will be saved in one profile, and you will not need to pay multiple times for the same survey

Users who have downloaded the app ONDOC for iOS or will register a profile on the site ONDOC 26 and 27 September, will get into your account for 59 rubles. This amount they can pay for the digitization of medical document. Go to the section Medical card and click the process tab documents. Take a picture of the medical instrument after visiting the doctor, and send to digitize directly from the app. Soon all information will appear in your profile ONDOC.

Download ONDOC for iPhone is available for free at this link.

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