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Acer Cybertool: smart case for Swiss watches with the controversial design

Acer has decided to try himself as a manufacturer of “smart” devices, providing a smart accessory, created in collaboration with the Swiss watch company Victorinox. We are talking about the company’s case Cybertool intended for mechanical watches Swiss Army.

As you can see in the pictures, the product significantly increases the size of the chronometer, and looks in many ways controversial. But the owner may not refuse a premium product. The product certainly won’t make a Swiss watch replacement for the Apple Watch, but a little bit of mind they can add.

The equipment Cybertool comes with led screen, covered with glass Gorilla glass 3, battery capacity 60 mAh, which is enough for 5-7 days of work in offline mode.

Gadget able to count the number of steps to notify about incoming message or call, show the names of the subscribers. Thus Cybertool is equipped with its own GPS module, which is connected with an interesting feature. Simultaneous clamping of the two keys activates the function of the location and sends the coordinates to the appropriate service response. The app is available for devices running iOS and Android.

Case Cybertool protected from water in accordance with IPx7 spec and weighs only 25 g. the cost of the new lot is 200 euros, which is more than some smart watches are quite well-known brands. Choose Victorinox watch are sold at a price from €400 to €500 depending on the execution.

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