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According to rumors, Apple will close the iTunes Store until the end of 2019

The website Digital Music News reported that Apple is going to shut down the iTunes Store in 2019.

According to information from the DMS, closing digital music store has been scheduled in 2016. However Apple denies this, calling the reports of the site lies.

“That is simply not true,” the response of the representatives of the Corporation on the rumors about the termination of the iTunes Store.

While Digital Music News continues to insist that the plan for the closure of the service there, and Apple still stick to it. Moreover, representatives of the site believe that the iTunes Store could be “destroyed” before the appointed time.

It is also rumored that Apple has a separate strategy for the transition to Apple Music. The company will create an account for everyone who bought music in iTunes. Their playlists and tracks will automatically be moved to the library streaming service Corporation. All users will receive a three month free trial period works with Apple Music. The tracks purchased in the past, will be available online, regardless of subscription.

This information should be treated with skepticism, as Apple continues to deny that the iTunes Store will soon close. Many users also vs streaming. Probably forced the transition they do not like. The same applies to some musicians, who do not want to add your tracks on Apple Music. It is unlikely Apple will want to lose money loyal users musicians and capricious, but at the same time we should not forget how easy she got rid of the headphone port in the past year.

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