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According to Apple, the Apple Watch sales doubled compared to last year

Sales of “smart” watches Apple Watch has almost doubled in a year, said Apple CEO Tim cook during the announcement of the quarterly performance of the company. According to him, total revenue last year from selling AirPods, Beats, and Apple Watch is comparable to the revenue of the Fortune 500.

So far Apple has refused to name exact figures of sales of Apple Watch, moving the device in the Other category, which includes products Beats, AirPods, Apple TV and accessories. But this time, commenting on the report, cook admitted that the company managed to implement two times more “clever” hours compared to last year.

Given that the smallest company to a Fortune 500 in the past year earned $5.1 billion, sales of devices from the category “Other” brings Apple’s impressive revenues. However, against the background of the popularity of headphone companies (Apple owns 40% of the market for Bluetooth headphones and 11% of the total market), total sales of the Apple Watch is difficult to assess.

Previously, several large companies such as Google, Amazon and eBay have suspended support of “smart” watches Apple Watch. What was the reason for this decision is still unknown. Google said that the Maps app will appear on the Apple Watch, but did not specify the timing. Other companies declined to comment on the situation.

Observers believe that developers can wait for new version operating system watch OS — it will be presented in early June at WWDC 2017.

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