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According to Apple, Russia joined the list of countries with record iPhone sales growth

Announcing financial results for the first finkvartal 2017, Apple said the doubling iPhone sales in Russia. This was stated by Tim cook, Apple’s CEO during a telephone call on the financial results of the company.

The growth of sales of the iPhone had two-digit percentage in the United States, Western Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia, but there are some regions where dynamics were more strident. Smartphones in absolute terms, there were sold less, but sales grew more active. This list at the end of last quarter got Central and Eastern Europe, Brazil, Turkey, Vietnam and Russia.

There were places where the iPad’s popularity grew at a double-digit pace in percentage is mainland China and India. Apple are able to expand our distribution network and attract a lot of customers have previously had tablets.

Almost 70% of Apple’s revenue still provide smartphone sales, so a record number of iPhone sold in the last quarter, quite naturally side by side with a record amount of revenue.

Along the way, Tim cook noted that last quarter was the most successful for smartphone categories: “Plus”, which is in the range of offerings of the brand appeared not so long ago. Only by the end of January, Apple managed to overcome the shortage of iPhone 7 Plus, and its popularity even contributed to the increase in the average selling price of smartphone from $619 to $695.

In the last quarter, the absolute number of successfully updated your iPhone to the actual model of the brand has reached the maximum value in the quarterly measurement, the same can be said about the number of defectors from Android. The pace of transition to new model of iPhone, however, was comparable with the dynamics of the transition to the iPhone 6 since the presence of pent-up demand for smartphones with big screen, as explained by Tim cook, has provided smartphones phenomenal popularity among supporters of the brand.

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