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Accessory Nums is “pumped” trackpad of your MacBook [video]

Nums – an original accessory designed for Apple laptops. The novelty, which means collect on Kickstarter, is designed to give the MacBook touchpad additional features.

Nums are a thin transparent panel that is superimposed on the trackpad of a laptop computer. Its main objective is to enable touchscreen MacBook additional options. For this you need to install special software.


Nums can mimic the capabilities of traditional digital block buttons. Through gestures, users can activate a particular mode of operation. For example, you can use swipe gestures to launch apps or access web sites.

According to the developers, Nums is characterized by high strength and resistance to scratches. It provides additional protection for the trackpad from damage. The thickness of the accessory is only 0.26 mm. Caused the characters will not fade over time.

On the issue of Nums the developers intend to collect at least $50 000. This Luckey is 41 days. To pre-order the accessory is available for $32.

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