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Accessory maker showed how it will look like a 6.1-inch iPhone

The manufacturer covers Ghostek provided BGR renders a 6.1-inch iPhone. Before his leaks have already confirmed the design of other flagships.

It is reported that this render was made on the basis of files made at the plant, which produces the iPhone. Ghostek often buys a diversion to establish the production of accessories to the announcement of the new smartphones.

The render confirms that the 6.1-inch iPhone will be the front similar to the iPhone X. But the difference is — the frame around the screen wider than the iPhone X. this is Probably due to the fact that in the cheaper models Apple did not get rid of the chin, which is in Android smartphones because it is an expensive procedure. The company decided to increase the scope so that the chin is not conspicuous.

Earlier it was expected that dual cameras will get more expensive iPhone. According to this render, and will be, because iPhone with LCD-display will receive only one camera. Most likely, Apple will install a new lens, because the size of the camera better than the iPhone 8. The flash had to move to make room for a Face ID.

According to rumors, iPhone with LCD-display will not get the 3D Touch and materials of the housing will be cheaper than the more expensive models. It was previously reported that his appearance in the stores may be delayed due to manufacturing challenges.

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