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Accessory Earhoox will solve the main problem AirPods headphones

If Apple purposely created an imperfect product – a wireless headset AirPods. With no wires headphones are easier to use, but the ears they fall out even easier than wired, so that sneaking suspicion: not on the flower if fairies were conducted final tests?

The problem is not yet widespread, otherwise the manufacturers would mass produce specialized accessories to solve. However, such products already appear. Today we will talk about the universal clamp for wireless headphones by Apple, which allows them to stay securely in my ears.

The owners of the AirPods, are familiar with the problem of falling out of your ear, you can use a holder called Earhoox. The accessory is designed to solve the main problem of Apple earbuds. Novelty is a soft silicone clip that makes the accessory more comfortable, especially for those who lead an active lifestyle.

The product was created specifically for wireless “ears” of Apple, but for the conventional models Earpods. You can buy three colors. Each pack contains clips of different sizes to be useful to both adults and children.

Initially, the makers of Earhoox were developing our product for the athletes. However, soon realized that the clamps are ideal for all social groups and ages.

Earhoox can be ordered on the manufacturer’s website at this link.

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