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Accessory AirHooks solves the main problem with headphones AirPods

Release AirPods at the end of last year was held under the slogan “the magic Apple”, accompanied by tirades of experts, claiming that Tim cook didn’t break a promise and made the users a great gift for the New year. However, it was not so smooth: after the presentation of new items in September, the start of sales was postponed several times.

However AirPods went on sale and they can rightly be considered one of the most unusual novelties 2016. The device is not even the headset, it is rather wearable product. Due to the processor W1 they have much more features than standard headphones, including support for Siri.

Due to the absence of wires AirPods are easier to use, but the ears they fall out even easier than wired, so that sneaking suspicion: not on the flower if fairies were conducted final tests?

The problem is not widespread, otherwise the manufacturers would mass produce specialized accessories to solve. However, such products already appear. Today we will talk about the universal mount for the Apple wireless headphones that allows them to stay securely in my ears.

On the site of crowdfunding Kickstarter is raising funds to release holders that do not give AirPods to fall out of ears. The device is called AirHooks and has a simple design for fixing the headset in my ears.

Creator AirHooks think about the development of the device, as, according to him, he’s got big ears and AirPods fall out even while walking. According to him, this is the main problem of wireless headphones Apple.

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However, judging by the results of the campaign, the problem of dropping out of AirPods from the ears is not hard. In any case, gather the necessary for the mass production of the sum of £10,000 has failed and chances of success is very small, because the fundraiser ends this Tuesday.

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