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About how Apple copied the jailbreak app to “night mode” in iOS 9.3

Imagine that you are the developer of the popular jailbreak application that allows users to change the color temperature of the screen to reduce eyestrain and protect vision. Your application copies Apple, presenting it as a standard feature for iOS, and please include your product in the official App store responds to you with a refusal. Seems unfair? But that’s exactly what happened with the developers of the app f.lux, which is only available on jailbroken devices.

In November last year, representatives of Apple got in touch with the creators of f.lux and claimed a violation of their distribution agreements software and demanded to remove the app from public access. We can assume that the reason for this was the program’s capabilities, in accuracy repeating “night mode” in iOS 9.3.

f.lux adjusts the color temperature of the iPhone and iPad displays in accordance with time of day: warm in the morning and night before usual during the day. The implementation of Night Shift Apple also provides automatic adjustment of the color temperature of the screen depending on the time of day, so as not to harm health. The only and the main difference between f.lux and Night Shift is the date of their appearance in the public domain.

Team f.lux submitted its application in 2012. Too late with the implementation of “night mode” for four years, Apple treats this feature as their own.

Here’s how commented on the game the appearance of Night Shift:

“We are proud to be the innovators and leaders in this field. Through our work for many years, we learned how difficult it can be arranged. We can’t wait to show to the world the next version of f.lux”.

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The developers have made an appeal to Apple to return their software in the App Store:

“Today we call on Apple to allow us to release f.lux for iOS, so that people were able to use our new function, and we achieve our goal in the study of sleep and chronobiology”.

According to the creators of f.lux, they are conducting research in the field of sleep for more than 7 years, and “really want to provide iOS users a new version of the application”.

Unfortunately, the chances of the emergence of such utilities in the App Store are negligible. According to representatives of Apple, a ban on access to the program is associated with the use of Private API methods. The App Store rules is prohibited. Most likely, f.lux will remain available exclusively for jailbroken devices.

It’s no secret that many iOS features such as notification Center and banners, were Apple borrowed from the jailbreak community that the company still has not established a productive cooperation. Users believe that in Cupertino are exploring the idea of informal developers and implements the most popular of nigh. In this case, perhaps the company should make an exception and let f.lux in the App Store?

By the way, after the removal of f.lux, more than 5,000 people signed a petition asking Apple to restore the app to the store.

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