About Everything Interesting This Week # 33: Apple's Help Kit and the Stories from the Loop trailer

We summarize the outgoing week and tell the most interesting news that did not get on the main agenda. By the way, with the first day of spring!

One paragraph news

Apple supports quarantined employees in China

A photograph appeared on Weibo's social network with a kit sent by Apple to quarantined employees in the Chinese provinces of Wenzhou and Hubei. The package includes face masks, essentials and an iPad for children, as all of China has switched to online education due to school closures.

Source: Weibo

Delivery Club and a lot of advertising

The service began selling advertising spaces to other companies. You can buy advertising in the application (and in the push mailing list), on the couriers backpack, you can also order the distribution of samplers and leaflets.

Disk Phone with Google Home Mini

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy one: a Reddit user has built a speaker into a disk phone. The most interesting thing is that the answer will go exactly to the phone, and to stop working or listening, you can just hang it. Top!

Source: 9to5Google

Amazon launched a full-fledged supermarket without cash desks

Amazon Go stores, where there are no cash desks, have existed for a long time – however, in the USA there are only 20 of them, and even those are small in size. The area of ​​the new store is 966 square meters. Amazon Go stores use cameras with computer vision technology, as well as a smartphone app with geofences to track customers and products. They took something from the shelf – already on the check, put it back – it disappeared from the list.

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Amazon Go line-free smart store has become one big line-up

Ivan Luchkov

January 23, 2018

Trailers of the week

"Stories from the Loop"

The new series Amazon talks about an unusual forest where fiction coexists with ordinary things, and all because of a special machine that was created to study the universe. The premiere will take place on April 3 at Amazon Prime:

League of Monsters

The cartoon takes place in a world where one of the main entertainments is to watch the wrestling of huge monsters. Premiere in 2021:

If you missed the videos on the Wylsacom channel

Kia Seltos – top?

We conducted the world's first drop test Huawei Mate X:

Two Natasha at once in one video:

We liked the JBL Pulse 4 backlight so much that we decided to look at it from the inside:

Natasha (already alone in this video) visited the Audi Winter Experience:

And what do you remember the outgoing week?

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