About Everything Interesting This Week # 14: Rick and Morty, Pixelbook Go, and Interview with Kojima

We recall the best news of the week and those that did not get on the main agenda. Don't forget about Rick and Morty, of course.

One paragraph news

Pixelbook Go fell into the hands of journalists before the presentation

If everything has been known about the Pixel 4 for a long time, then there was practically no information about the Google laptop. Just a few days before the presentation, 9to5Google published its full review. Characteristics – this is not interesting in 2019, but the rear ribbed cover is top-end:

Replacing the display Samsung Galaxy Fold will cost $ 599

This does not apply to buyers of the "first wave", who within a year will be able to replace the display for $ 145. If it is damaged again, then you have to pay exactly 599 dollars. Expensive? What do you want from a flexible display?

IFixit specialists dismantled the updated version of the smartphone

Sleep Tracker Appears in Apple Watch

Most of all in Series 5 I was waiting for a sleep tracker, but this did not happen for unknown reasons. Moreover, the company is working on a new application: on the screenshot of the “Alarm Clock” in the App Store, mention of the “Sleep” application was found. We look forward to the next watchOS update.

Screenshot already deleted

In the meantime, a good dream is not available to us, you can spend time in the evening connecting the floppy-drive to the clock, if there’s nothing to do:

In Russia, craft beer will disappear

All because of the new regulation on the safety of alcoholic beverages. It will come into force in 2021 and GOST for wheat, light and dark beer will be registered there. That is, you can’t go beyond the percentage limits if you want to sell a product. We remind you that excessive drinking is harmful to your health.

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The best texts of the week

If you are waiting for iPhone SE 2 with Face ID in the design of the iPhone 11, then I have to upset you:


iPhone SE 2 will be released in a new design

Kostya Baranov

October 10, 2019

Overview of the new system for your computer:


MacOS 10.15 Catalina review

Alexander Pobyvanets

October 8, 2019

Is there an electric scooter? Get ready to learn traffic rules:


Electric scooters will appear in traffic rules

Kostya Baranov

October 7, 2019

The refurbished 2019 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro came on sale. We tell what a “restored device" is:


Apple started selling refurbished 2019 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Kostya Baranov

October 9, 2019

A selection of the seven best pairs of October sneakers:


The best sneakers of October

Kostya Baranov

October 7, 2019

Trailer of the week

"Rick and Morty." Fourth season

The premiere will take place on November 10. For the Russian voice acting, as before, Syenduk is responsible.

If you missed the videos on the Wylsacom channel

Valya unpacked the Apple Watch with the Edition prefix:

About the seventh generation iPad is also not forgotten:

Interview with a genius, as expected:

Very soon everyone will be able to download the Wylsacom application, but for now the beta test:

They unpacked the Google Pixel XL and figured out what to do with it in 2019:

And what do you remember this week?

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