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ABITANT: available phone designer furniture

The Internet has infiltrated our lives and now we are paying the price in the browser than in the store. Clothes, household appliances and even food – all this is now absolutely safely bought online. To order via the Internet and furniture, which is much easier than to carry in some furniture center some “IKEA”, to stand in line in the crowd trying to search out cute sofa, to arrange delivery. However, the furniture is the problem – and if you do not fit into the interior? And if it doesn’t fit? The authors of the application ABITANT apparently thought the same and decided to eliminate all the flaws.

But first – what is the General ABITANT. Roughly speaking, this is huge online furniture store specializing in goods from Europe and the United States. Our database seller retailer available more than 400,000 items, so don’t worry about the choice – always pick yourself something to taste. In addition, the prices of goods in ABITANT not as high as you might think, due to the fact that the company is not spent on the trading floor – eternal plus online stores.

Recently from this seller was a full application through which you can select and purchase a complete interior for each room in your apartment to buy new residents in your apartment – that is, now do not even need to start the computer. We decided to consider a mobile version ABITANT closely.

To order something, just turn on the app to find, say, an Italian chest of drawers hand-cutting (can be done via search and via the directory), request price&, if you wish, leave a comment. Thus, you will create the application in a few minutes you will be contacted by the Manager. Everything else will happen in the chat called “Concierge”. Here you can find out the cost of the product, see the various specifications, select finishes and much more. Here you come to an agreement about the nuances of delivery and payment is possible both in cash and cashless. Note that managers respond quickly – don’t have to wait three days until your request will be processed.

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At first, the online store surprising lack of prices we used to see the numbers next to the item, right? But in the case of ABITANT is explained logically: one and the same product can be ordered with a different finish, different material. Of course, such variability affect the price of how to decrease and increase. So there’s no point in writing the value of the goods with high probability it will be different.

In addition, Internet-shop surprises with a huge number of functions. For example, should you order one product, as the program will automatically pick up the furniture and decor roommates that will come in style, materials, color and other visual factors. So you not only can furnish the whole apartment, but also significantly save on the services of a designer – ABITANT will do everything for you. If in doubt about the algorithms of the program, may need to seek advice from the Manager in the chat Concierge – a knowledgeable person will tell you. And Yes, it’s free.

Of course, the “catalogue” part ABITANT performed excellently – it would be surprising otherwise. Each item is accompanied with not only a great, colorful photo but the narrative, and all sorts of TTX: what is it made of, dimensions, legs of the chest of drawers and how many drawers. So don’t be afraid to buy a pig in a poke – so detailed depiction leaves no gaps.

Happy and search: the application is able to search by filters. Starting with the most banal – in color – to very specific needs: for example, you can search for your product, starting from its shape. When the database hangs 400,000 thousand items, a good search is important.

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Overall, the app online store ABITANT is a comfortable, reliable and not the most expensive way to acquire European furniture, from your bed. If you want to furnish your home new or just have a house-warming, and yet do not know how to score a free meter – you already have one good solution. And Yes – you can download the app, of course.

A nice bonus: interior portal together with us, ready to make a gift for all readers MacDigger — the first 100 people who request through the app with the code text in comments “Discount from MacDigger” — get a huge discount!

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