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ABBYY FineScanner: scanner in your pocket [+10 promo]

Abbyy releases new version of FineScanner for iOS. Updated the app with a built-in BookScan technology allows you to easily and quickly obtain scans of pages of books in high resolution. If you have to handle a small number of book spreads, no need to search for table scanner. Now this can be done using an iPhone which is always with you.

Technology BookScan cope with a major problem when scanning books – bends of rows and pages. She finds the pages in each pages and stores them into individual images, automatically corrects geometric distortion and defects of lighting on them.

“We found out that the book turns is a significant portion of the documents, which are constantly working iPhone owners. Now the book is difficult to “squeeze”, “to lighten” or “to stretch”, if you scan a smartphone – said Artem Kumpel, Vice President, Director of the Department Lingvo and mobile products Abbyy. Technology BookScan has no analogues on the market of applications and was designed from scratch for those who work a lot with books – teachers, scientists, students and employees of the companies. It has never been so easy and convenient to scan books with your mobile”.

Thanks to the support of new features of Apple iOS 9 – Touch and 3D Spotlight – clicking on the Run icon you can quickly open the vault or to find the scans right from the home screen of an iPhone or iPad. It is important that mobile the Run was a handy tool for solving most problems faced by users when scanning documents.

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FineScanner allows you to transfer in electronic form of bills, certificates, contracts, passports, books and any other documents, as well as to recognize the text in 44 languages with an Internet connection. The scan results can be saved in 12 popular formats for working with text, including Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF. Also, the recognized text can be sent by e-mail, save to phone or popular cloud services.

Abbyy FineScanner, you can download for free in the App Store. Scanning books available in the premium account, which can be connected for a month (279 rubles), or year (1190 rubles). To view what the premium account can free for 7-day test period.

The developer has provided MacDigger 10 promo codes for the premium account for the Run. Codes will be raffled among the visitors who left a comment to the article. Don’t forget to fill the E-mail field. Good luck!

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