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Abbyy Business Card Reader has learned to instantly recognize business cards

Abbyy has announced a new version of Abbyy business card scanner Business Card Reader for iOS. Now iPhone owners can recognize business cards and save the data almost instantly, thanks to technology Autolock and auto-recognition of business cards.

To obtain a digitized contact in the previous version it was necessary to do several steps: take a photo of a business card, check out the selection and save the changes. In the new version, just point the camera at the business card is the focus, defining borders, cropping, background and identification cards is done automatically and doesn’t require any extra steps from the user. If the images are not clear enough, the program will prompt you to make a new photo.

“In the new version we decided to make a Abbyy Business Card Reader is extremely convenient and the process of discernment as quick as possible. All the user needs to add a new card is to open the app and save the data. No extra actions and confirmations, — said Artem Kumpel, Vice President, Director of the Department Lingvo and mobile products Abbyy. — If before the opening of the camera to display the detected data took 6 seconds, now only 2.5 seconds.

According to the developers, thanks to the technology of Abbyy Mobile Imaging SDK in the new version of Business Card Reader for iOS: increased recognition speed even on older devices; improved the quality of recognition of business cards through the use of exclusive colour filters that make images in bright and contrasting.

As before, users available: contactless transmission of business cards between devices installed with Abbyy Business Card Reader via Wi-Fi, regardless of the operating system; discharge contacts in Microsoft Excel; export Salesforce contacts; and other useful features.

The update is available for users of iOS-apps Abbyy Business Card Reader and Abbyy Business Card Reader Plus.

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