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A12 processor will greatly increase the speed and time of the iPhone

Information about the performance and efficiency of the new processors Apple will be in September, but already now it is possible to increase speed by 20% and reduce energy consumption by 40%.

And this is just the minimum that can reach the Apple. The real figures will probably be higher. These values are based on information received from representatives of the plant TMSC producing mobile processors for iPhone and iPad.

This year TSMC goes to the 7-nanometer process technology production. This means that the distance between the elements on the CPU will be even less that have a positive impact on the performance of the chips will reduce the amount of the generated heat and increase energy efficiency.

Representatives of the plant said that 7-nanometer FinFET process technology, in contrast to the 10-nanometer, can boast increased 1.6-fold density, higher operation speed by approximately 20% and approximately 40% lower energy consumption.

Apple is always known for creating the most advanced and modern processors for their mobile devices. And we’ll never miss an opportunity to use new technology if it is already ready for mass production.

The A12 will become the heart of the iPhone 2018. According to rumors, Apple will release three models of the smartphone in September. 5.8-inch, 6.1 inch, 6.5-inch. Some models can receive support for two SIM-cards and a triple camera.

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